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Via Pontica is the second largest migration route of birds nesting in northeastern Europe and flying south to Africa in the winter. Every spring and autumn the invisible sky highway Via Pontica is filled with thousands of winged travelers, arranged in changing lines in the air, giving it shape and contour. The observation of this unique natural phenomenon is an exceptional experience.

Above the Bulgarian seacoast fly 78 % of all white storks in Europe, the entire European population of white pelicans, thousands of raptors, waterfowl and songbirds.

In the area of Balchik and Kavarna are registered 136 bird species, 42 of which are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria (1985). Of them 65 species are of European conservation concern (SPEC) (BirdLife International, 2004).
Twenty three percent of the birds fly at an altitude of 150 m and 39 % - at between 160 and 500 m, which largely depends on weather conditions. This provides good visibility to ornithologists and the amateurs seeking different bird species, while the average tourist gets unforgettable memories from one’s close encounters with the winged creatures.
Where: neighborhood “Momchil” – Balchik, “Bolata” and “Taukliman” – Kavarna

When: All year round, while bird migration is best observed during spring or autumn. For more information: Tourist Information Centre – Balchik, tel.: 0579/7 10 87; Department “Tourism and Economic Development” - Kavarna, tel.: 0570 /8 61 10

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Bird Migratory Route Via Pontica“Tuzlata” Area near Balchik“Baltata” Reserve – Balchik Municipality