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Healing mud has been used in medical practice since ancient times. In our country, the first attempts to use it are associated with the Russian doctor Ignatov, who as early as 1883 was using mud from the Balchik Tuzla.
“Tuzlata” area is a piece of heaven untouched by human hand, located only 4 km east of Balchik directly on the beach. The area is ideal for relaxation and healing in nature. “Tuzlata” is known primarily for mud treatment and balneological conditions, while the presence of a beach increases recreation opportunities.

The main means of treatment are mineral water and healing firth mud. The water is hypothermic, with temperature of 33 degrees Celsius and slightly mineralized, while the “Tuzlata” mud has very good physical and chemical properties and originates from the two existing firth lakes. It is the main method for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and the spinal cord, as well as gynecological and other conditions. The mineral water, with the suitable temperature, is used for the same purposes, as additional positive impact comes from the sea climate and sea bathing.

Where: the area is located 4 km east of Balchik. It can be reached by car, bicycle or another vehicle. There is no regular public transportation. The area and the swimming area have open access.

When: all year round, the best time to visit: May to September. For more information: tel.: 057 9/72 177

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