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“Baltata" Reserve is located on the Black Sea coast near the village of Obrochishte, Balchik Municipality and near “Albena” resort. It covers the northernmost dense forest in Bulgaria, at the mouth of the Batova River. The reserve’s area is over 205 hectares. Twice a year (during the spring and the autumn high water) the Batova River overflows its banks and covers (“drowns”) the forest.

Despite its relatively young age (45-60 years) and its sprouting nature, the dense forest is fascinatingly beautiful. The combination of photophilic and shade-loving trees and shrubs gives it a layered outlook, as the highest plants (30-35 m) are the two inseparable tree species – the Polish elm-tree and the fraxinus. Side by side with them you can see English oak, field maple, wild pear, hornbeam, alder, white poplar, white willow.
Wondrously beautiful is also the multicolored carpet of grass and flowers such as summer snowflake, peonies, iris, hyacinth, golden hardhack, Solomon's seal, marsh mallow, black and white Oman, winter cherry, sedge, smallflower hairy willowherb and others.

The dense forest and the thick reed in the flooded areas and wetlands of the river are a habitat for various species – amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, etc. The avifauna is represented by woodpeckers, hoopoes, wood-pigeons, gulls, shelducks, cormorants and others.

The presence of the summer snowflake, listed in Bulgaria’s Red Book, whose natural populations are seriously endangered, makes the reserve very attractive and charming. This flower has a higher stem than the common snowflake, as well as several blossoms. It is used to make Nivalin – a valuable, efficient and internationally recognized drug. The plant is poisonous.
Where: village of Obrochishte, Municipality Balchik and “Albena” resort
When: all year round, recommended time for visit during April-May (the best time is early May), when you can see the summer snowflake and peony. For more information: tel.: 057 9/72 177

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