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The big mill in Balchik was built by the Anonymous industrial company in 1909. Its design and construction were assigned to a German company which was involved in the construction of the Europe’s largest silos and mills – those in Frankfurt, Budapest, Genoa, Munich, Venice and many others. For just a year, the company built in Balchik the best equipped mill in the Balkans. It was also equipped with the first steel-concrete silos in Bulgaria. The design of the building and the technological equipment were realized in Germany. In this 4-storey spacious building it is the machine that reigned, the machine that ignored and excluded human labor almost completely. The total number of employees is about 15 people per shift, while the mill’s capacity is 75 tons per day.
The mill opened in 1910 and worked successfully until 1916, when it came under the fire of the Russian Navy and suffered significant damage, which hampered the renewal of production activities. Later, the building was still used, but for other purposes. The project “Improving tourist attractions and the related infrastructure in Balchik Municipality” under Operational Program “Regional Development” envisions the reconstruction of the building and its transformation into a tourist and cultural-information center.
The mill building will be restored to its original appearance.
It will be a place for cultural and creative communication, as well as a place for citizens, tourists and guests of Balchik to spend their free time. The exhibition section of the building will be a place for training and educating young generations. One of the themes, entitled “The Route of Grain” will introduce visitors to the history of land cultivation, growing, harvesting, transportation, storage, trade, grinding of the grain and flour products. The other themes: “Cultural Routes” and “Signs of Time” will present the history of Balchik and its inhabitants through the ages and display artifacts from the other two sites – the tekke and the fortress.
The site will count on the most advanced means of information presentation, through a combination of real objects, multimedia and re-enactments.
Special attention will be paid to the history of the building. The silos with the space above and below them, as well as the surviving equipment, will be presented in its authentic outlook.

Especially valuable for the industrial and construction history is the fact that the silos and the supplementary staircase have been completely preserved, unchanged since their construction in 1909. This valuable place will develop over time, since here it will be possible to observe and test the technologies for handling reinforced concrete since the dawn of its use in this part of Europe, as well as the progress of these technologies over time.

A deserving place in the exhibition will find Balchik’s architectural history. One of the main exhibits will be a 1:500 scale model of the town. The history of spaces and buildings will be traced, along with the fate of their creators and inhabitants. In the Tourist Information Center, to be opened inside the building, citizens and visitors will receive diverse and up-to-date information, on-line links to the sites in the town. Information about all cultural and sport events in the town will be provided as well.
Specialized stands will offer items, books, maps, souvenirs and replicas related to Balchik.

Where: on the beach, Balchik
For more information: Tourist Information Centre – Balchik 0579 7 10 87
When:  all year round

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