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The valley of Batovska River is the only mountain in Bulgaria, situated under a plain. The first time when you drive from Dobrich to Albena, you will find yourself surprised by local nature – beneath the plain as if from nowhere suddenly spring mountain slopes covered with forests. Undoubtedly, this is one of the prettiest places in Dobrudzha. And to make your pleasure complete, you are very close to the sea shore, where you can enjoy the unique combination of sea and forest climates. For years, this valley has been a favorite spot for Dobrudzhans to relax or take a walk. You will leave this place carrying the memory of immaculate nature, scenic forests and hunting grounds. If you are among the lucky ones who visited the area in early May, you will also cherish the memory of the exquisite and aromatic wild peony.
Tourists who would like to enjoy the silence in this unique place or experience the thrill of searching for peonies can set out to the village of Batovo or continue from Batovo to the village of Prilep, which is known among the Dobrudzhans for the beautiful area “Chashkata” (The “Cup”). In the area there are excellent opportunities for rural tourism.

Where: You can reach the village of Batovo by car. The distance from Dobrich is 26 km and to the “Albena” resort – 12.5 km. The distance from Batovo to Prilep is 6 km. Batovo can be also reached on foot by trekking through the area “Buzluka” near the village of Odartzi, following the so-called “Batovska path” along which there are places for campfires. It also leads to the area “Gabkite” (The “Mushrooms”), which is in the immediate vicinity of Batovo.

When: To observe the peonies – early May; for a walk in the woods – all seasons except for winter.

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