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The “Revival” Hall is a museum within the Dobrich Art Gallery. It houses the collection of the Regional History Museum in Dobrich “Icons from the National Revival Period from Dobrudzha”. The exhibited art works mostly belong to icon-painters from the famous Tryavna Art School. Most icons were painted by masters descending from the Zahariev and Vitanov families and bear the typical characteristics of this school: a bright palette of contrasting colors; an original repertoire of plots and themes; an extensive use of the landscape and moments of everyday life; dominance of graphic and decorative techniques. Of interest are also the icons of Zahariah Tzanyuv with inscriptions of the church-donors, those of Nedko Todorovic from Zheravna and Nikola Vasilev from Shumen, as well as those of local painters from Dobrudzha. Especially valuable are the icons depicting the saints Cyril and Methodius, which constitute the richest collection in the country. Dobrudzha’s icons are part of the national cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

Where: 9300 Dobrich, 6 “Alen Mak” str.
Information on opening hours and entrance fees:  tel.: +359/58/604 717


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