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The Exposition “Dobrudzha’s Archeology” can be seen in the exhibition hall of the Open-Air Architectural and Ethnographic Museum “Old Dobrich”. The modern way means of expression used and the 3D animation take visitors back to the far-off days of the ancient world. The exhibition features artifacts left by the earliest proto-civilization that flourished on the western coast of the Black Sea; by Thracians, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians; by Scythians, Sarmatians, Greeks, Romans and Celts; by Goths, Pechenegs, Kumans and Tatars. Here you can see: the oldest processed gold in the world, dating back to the Copper Age; an authentic burial from the largest prehistoric cemetery, one of its kind in Bulgaria; a unique collection of Proto-Bulgarian pottery and medieval weapons and ammunition; valuable treasures and golden and silver jewelry from later nomadic tribes and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The exposition is complemented by an educational museum – a partial reconstruction of a former school. There take place various innovative events and educational programs for children, students and adults, which is a new and modern way to utilize the building of the the old school.

Where: 9300 Dobrich, 18 “Dr. Konstantin Stoilov” str.
Information on opening hours and entrance fees: +359/58/602 642

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Museum in the “Saint George” City Park – Dobrich Military Cemetery Museum “Old Dobrich” Open-Air Architectural and Ethnographic MuseumExposition “Dobrudzha’s Archeology”