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Balchik’s Art Gallery is located in the former high school and was reconstructed with donations by the “1300 years Bulgaria Fund”. The total exhibition area is 800 square meters. On the first floor there are exhibition halls for temporary and visiting exhibitions and a foreign art hall. On the second floor one can see the permanent museum exhibition, including the most significant works of Bulgarian artists. It chronologically displays art works from the first half of the 20th c., the transitional period (the 1950s) and the most recent times. The exhibition is dominated by sea-themed works, sceneries from old Balchik, portraits and still lifes. The graphics of prominent Bulgarian artists stand out. Of interest is the group of 11 Romanian artists who painted Balchik during the occupation of Southern Dobrudzha (1913-1916 and 1919-1940). In those times, the town which the Romanian queen Maria chose as her southern residence, attracted many Romanian intellectuals and artists, were impressed by its antiquity, picturesqueness and oriental exoticism. In the 1930s people even talked about a distinct Balchik Art School. At the same time the display is associated with the name of the artist Boris Karadzhov. Born in Balchik, he remained forever in love with his hometown and presented his work “Pieta” as a gift to the gallery at its opening.

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